Cryptopay Makes Spending Bitcoin Easier with Its New Android App

Cryptocurrencies have become the talk of the town in the recent months. The growing interest in the digital currencies is interlinked with the rising prices of Bitcoin and other altcoins. While the number of people buying cryptocurrencies continues to grow, its use is currently limited as an investment asset and not an instrument of value exchange on a regular basis — the actual use case for which it was created in the first place. The main reason for that is the lack of options for people to spend the digital currencies they possess.

Cryptopay is a cryptocurrency platform which is designed to make spending and managing Bitcoin easier for its users. While the platform has been offering a range of products for some time now, it has recently added a brand-new Android application to its arsenal. Some of Cryptopay’s product offering includes Bitcoin Wallet, Prepaid Bitcoin Cards, Exchange, Gift Cards and soon to be launched Bitcoin Loans. And so far, users could access it on the platform’s webpage.

Now, users don’t have to rely on their computers or the tiny window on their mobile phone browser to access and manage the services offered by the platform. With a full-fledged application available on all Android powered devices, a majority of the cryptocurrency using population around the world can easily open the application and load their Cryptopay prepaid debit cards from anywhere to continue spending Bitcoin at regular PoS terminals or online payment gateways without any hassle.

Users can also use the app like any other Bitcoin wallet available on Google Play store to send Bitcoin in three simple steps.

  • Scan the QR Code with the phone camera
  • Choose the amount to be transferred
  • Tap and confirm the payment

The Cryptopay Android app follows the earlier launch of its Apple iOS counterpart. It also allows users to order a Bitcoin fueled prepaid physical or virtual card from within the application. The virtual cards are the best bet for online shopping and managing recurring payments whereas the physical card can be used to make withdrawals from ATMs or for paying at Point of Sale terminals where major credit and debit cards are accepted.

The Cryptopay mobile app comes with additional security features like passcode for accessing the application, which is different from the account password. It prevents others from accessing the application, thus safeguarding the funds.

The Cryptopay Android app is available for download at – .

iOS users can download at –

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